Produce Land offers computer hallucinations of plants to enjoy in any space.

We celebrate the visual artifacts unique to generative AI. Our intention is to study a given model with its strengths and limitations, to produce aesthetically-pleasing images. Images that ruminate, "What is art?" These portraits consciously feature tropes–hallmark signatures–of text-to-image models. These are choices a computer makes that a human likely never would.

After all, the algorithm is not of our physical world. It does not know what a rose is, or of the vast botany on planet earth. But, what a computer certainly can do is hallucinate. Produce Land is here to see what it sees: the flaws, the crude approximation, in honest admiration.

Produce Land is an independent project by Drew Lustro, a software engineer and vegetation enjoyer based in Los Angeles.



Our images strive to be noticeably crafted by artificial intelligence. Plants may be depicted with anatomical errors and amusing inaccuracy. Colors may not exist in nature. Shadows may not completely make sense. I consider this to be a feature, not a bug, and perhaps a big reason why one would invite a piece into their home.



A primary goal is to avoid resemblance to prevalent generative aesthetics. Mainstream generative models deliver satisfying images by default. This is good interface design. However, these images have a tendency to look "deep fried," ultra-polished, uncanny, and rather similar. Contrast and dynamic range are blown out. Other dimensions are limited to create an appealing output most of the time, for most people.

Produce Land strives for rare output. We want to produce images of plants that do not resemble a specific model or artist.

Apricot Tonal Frame in real life

Product Gallery Renderings

Our artwork is depicted in interior environments created with AI. Print dimensions shown are hypothetical, perhaps aspirational for the future of this project. To see a real life print example, please take a look at Apricot (above/right).

Special Frame Option

Each artwork is available with a curated frame & mat option, combining quality natural wood materials and reflection-resistant acrylic glass. Selected colors are harmonious with the featured plant. See Tonal Frame or Contrast Frame when choosing the product style variant. Framed artwork ships fully assembled.

Large Format Prints

Prints larger than 11" ⨉ 14" will be available in 2024. Until then, please enjoy the renderings.


Soft Launch

Produce Land is in "soft launch" November 2023 → end of year. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.

Orders processed during this time are eligible for a hand-numbered edition certificate, which notes the print and edition number, if you're into that.

In 2024, prints will be available to ship immediately with edition detail embedded.

See Orders, Returns, Exchanges for more information.



Prints are limited edition to a given artwork and presentation variant. We will explicitly state the edition quantity, or open edition.



Orders are fulfilled in waves. Please allow 2 weeks for delivery during the soft launch period. See Orders, Returns, Exchanges for more information.



Please contact us for wholesale inquiries.